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So, You Brought Your Wife To The Everglades…

“I planned a surprise adventure for us,” I announced.

My beautiful wife Becca was excited and for good reason. I had just promised her a surprise fawnadventure. Who wouldn’t be excited to hear that on a slow Saturday night? The next morning we packed for the day as I spilled the beans that we were going to rent a johnboat, boat into the everglades, do some fishing, see some nature and have a great time. Off we went to Sawgrass National Park in South Florida. We arrived at a small building, lines of docked airboats and johnboats and everglades as far as you could see. I could tell she was excited because she walked right by a small zoo to get to the boat rentals. I have never seen Becca walk by anything cute or cuddly without at least a chorus of ooh’s and ahh’s, a handful of barely audible squeaks, followed by the inevitable “I want it.”

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Packing for any weather

My recent, rainy trip to Fisheating Creek confirmed my “all weather system.” weather symbols

I live in South Florida. This time of year it is hot during the day (low 80’s – low 90’s F.) and often chilli at night (high 40’s to low 60’s). Also, the end of our short cold spells are usually commemorated with rain. This makes for difficult weather to plan for. This is my system:

Layers… Layers give the ability to adapt an outfit to the conditions without having to change entirely.

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Coming Soon – Bushcraft Knife Tests

I hereby announce my intention to perform and post the first of many Bushcraft Knife Tests.

The test is simple and will easily expose a bushcraft knife’s attributes and shortcomings.

I’ll use only a bushcraft knife (The Fallkniven, F1 Pilot Survival Knife will be tested first), pine 2X4s and a ferrocerium rod. I’ll use 2X4s because they are available and consistent. It would be meaningless to compare knife “A”, splitting and carving hard oak to knife “B”, splitting and carving soft cedar.

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My Recent Trip to Fisheating Creek – Eric²


Fallkniven Bushcraft Knives

Fallkniven, F1 Pilot Survival Knife Review

Fallkniven, S1 Forest Knife Review


fisheating creek logo


Eric & Eric

Fisheating Creek is a staple in my arsenal of Florida camping venues. It’s primitive sites and trails in driving distance of  bathrooms and convenience stores make it a great spot to feel like you’ve “gotten away from it all” without the difficulties of being “away from it all”. For this particular trip, the venue was perfect as I was bringing my ol’ buddy of the same name, Eric. He was enthusiastic to adventure, but apprehensive to leave plumbing behind.

We went for a quick 2 nighter, arriving Friday and returning Sunday.

As expected, we had a blast. We hiked, fished, made fire, cooked, sipped a little bourbon and generally enjoyed the nature and company.

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