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bushcraft knife condor tool & Knife Sapien

Condor, Sapien – My First Impressions (Condor vs Mora)

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bushcraft knife review condor tool and knife sapien


The tedious and lengthy wait is over and it was worth it. My Condor Sapien has arrived!

The moment I finalized my order for this knife, my patience digressed to that of a child, checking for shipping conformation, then shipping status, then the long awaited package itself, at every opportunity. I was excited for the Sapiens arrival, to say the least. And for good reason…

The Condor Sapien is awesome. It’s affordable, functional and well made. For those of you who love Morakniv’s Bushcraft Knife design but want a full tang, this is your answer.

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bushcraft knife condor tool & knife

2 New Bushcraft Knives On Their Way: These are my My Expectations


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I did it!

There are two new members of the family on the way. I pulled the trigger on two new knives that have been on the back of my mind for awhile now. I am soon to be the proud owner of a Condor Tool and Knife, Sapien and a 2″ Basic Bushcraft Knife.

bushcraft knife condor tool & knife

Condor Tool & Knife




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Don’t Look Scared, Your Wife is Watching!

So there I was, staring down seven stories at a mulch landing pad. The word “Splat” was zip lining bushcraft knivesplayfully dug into the ground. But, this was no joke. I had agreed and PAID to jump off of this 70 foot tower. A tower that I quickly realized, I had grown quite fond of not jumping out of. As the people ahead, one by one, pray and jump, I sense my turn quickly approaching. Don’t look scared, your wife is watching, my brain keeps telling me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear it over my heavy breathing and pounding heart.

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