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hand made bushcraft tools

Handmade Bushcraft Knives and Tools

hand made bushcraft toolsWhen I hear the term “handmade” I immediately think of well made. There is a level of quality that can only be had by hand craftsmanship. Machines and computers are amazing and necessary, but can’t produce the same look or feel in a product that a craftsman can achieve by hand. A true artisan can give his product the attention it needs to make sure everything is just right. He can feel and see the product. He can consider his concept and the intricacies of his media and materials. A craftsman can combine his imagination and ingenuity to infinite possibility.

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Coming Soon – Bushcraft Knife Tests

I hereby announce my intention to perform and post the first of many Bushcraft Knife Tests.

The test is simple and will easily expose a bushcraft knife’s attributes and shortcomings.

I’ll use only a bushcraft knife (The Fallkniven, F1 Pilot Survival Knife will be tested first), pine 2X4s and a ferrocerium rod. I’ll use 2X4s because they are available and consistent. It would be meaningless to compare knife “A”, splitting and carving hard oak to knife “B”, splitting and carving soft cedar.

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