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Don’t Look Scared, Your Wife is Watching!

So there I was, staring down seven stories at a mulch landing pad. The word “Splat” was zip lining bushcraft knivesplayfully dug into the ground. But, this was no joke. I had agreed and PAID to jump off of this 70 foot tower. A tower that I quickly realized, I had grown quite fond of not jumping out of. As the people ahead, one by one, pray and jump, I sense my turn quickly approaching. Don’t look scared, your wife is watching, my brain keeps telling me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear it over my heavy breathing and pounding heart.

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So, You Brought Your Wife To The Everglades…

“I planned a surprise adventure for us,” I announced.

My beautiful wife Becca was excited and for good reason. I had just promised her a surprise fawnadventure. Who wouldn’t be excited to hear that on a slow Saturday night? The next morning we packed for the day as I spilled the beans that we were going to rent a johnboat, boat into the everglades, do some fishing, see some nature and have a great time. Off we went to Sawgrass National Park in South Florida. We arrived at a small building, lines of docked airboats and johnboats and everglades as far as you could see. I could tell she was excited because she walked right by a small zoo to get to the boat rentals. I have never seen Becca walk by anything cute or cuddly without at least a chorus of ooh’s and ahh’s, a handful of barely audible squeaks, followed by the inevitable “I want it.”

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My Recent Trip to Fisheating Creek – Eric²


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Eric & Eric

Fisheating Creek is a staple in my arsenal of Florida camping venues. It’s primitive sites and trails in driving distance of  bathrooms and convenience stores make it a great spot to feel like you’ve “gotten away from it all” without the difficulties of being “away from it all”. For this particular trip, the venue was perfect as I was bringing my ol’ buddy of the same name, Eric. He was enthusiastic to adventure, but apprehensive to leave plumbing behind.

We went for a quick 2 nighter, arriving Friday and returning Sunday.

As expected, we had a blast. We hiked, fished, made fire, cooked, sipped a little bourbon and generally enjoyed the nature and company.

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