Coming Soon – Bushcraft Knife Tests

I hereby announce my intention to perform and post the first of many Bushcraft Knife Tests.

The test is simple and will easily expose a bushcraft knife’s attributes and shortcomings.

I’ll use only a bushcraft knife (The Fallkniven, F1 Pilot Survival Knife will be tested first), pine 2X4s and a ferrocerium rod. I’ll use 2X4s because they are available and consistent. It would be meaningless to compare knife “A”, splitting and carving hard oak to knife “B”, splitting and carving soft cedar.

I have put together a few camp chores that utilize the most common and basic tasks required of a bushcraft knife: chopping, splitting and carving wood as well as striking ferro rods.

  1. To show how well the knife can take a beating, I’ll chop a length of 2X4 from longer stock and baton it into kindling.
  2. To test the knife’s carving abilities, I’ll use it to shave some of the kindling into feathersticks and carve the trigger / mechanism for a figure 4 deadfall trap.
  3. To test how well the knife will throw sparks, I’ll use the bushcraft knife with the ferro rod, to lite the feather sticks and kindling on fire.

Stay on the lookout for the up and coming Bushcraft Knife Test, featuring the Fallkniven, F1 Pilot Survival Knife. You can read my first impressions of the Fallkniven, F1 Here

As always, please send me your thoughts and comments. I’m especially interested in alternate bushcraft knife tests and other knives you’d like to see tested.