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Condor Bushcraft Basic Knife 4″ – My First Impression & Review

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The Condor Tool & Knife Bushcraft Basic Knife with a 4″ blade.

I’ve been eyeballing this one for a while and it’s finally mine.

First, let me point out that Condor Tool & Knife has really stepped up the fit and finish of their bushcraft knife condor basic bushcraftproducts over the years. This knife was no exception. Although not perfect, the hardwood handle and scandi grind were nice. Although, as is the case with the Bushcraft Basic Knife, I’m not a big fan of grinding a scandi grind on a wheel as it leaves a slight concave in the bevel. This thins and weakens the edge, making it more prone to chipping. Nothing a little time on my Fallkniven DC4 (review to come) cant fix. The walnut scales were slightly asymmetrical, but was easily corrected with sandpaper, just make sure to coat the wood with something after sanding. I used mineral oil.

bushcraft knife condor basic bushcraftThe 1075 steel blade holds up better then I thought it would. It maintained an edge through some lite woodcarving, with no problem. It takes an extremely keen edge, as is to be expected with any of the 10xx steels. 1075 is corrosion prone, so be sure to keep the blade oiled. To help with the steel’s corrodibility, Condor Tool & Knife treated the blade with a black epoxy powder coat. This coating has proven to be pretty durable in my other Condor knives, but does chip off under hard use, as is the case with my Condor Golok (an amazing tool, review to come).

The blade shape is very Scandinavian with a long flat blade and an exaggerated upswept point,bushcraft knife condor basic bushcraft leaving a lot of blade, but little point. This knife excels at cutting, slicing and rough carving. However, because of it’s lack of tip, intricate carving is difficult.

The 1/8″ blade, tough 1075 steel and full tang design look to ensure a knife tough enough for moderate batoning. I have not really put this knife to use yet, but will be testing it’s capabilities in detail very soon.

bushcraft knife condor basic bushcraftThe sheath is great. It’s made of sturdy, thick leather stitched with heavy duty thread and includes a welt. The retention is good, although the sheath is still stiff. I expect it to loosen up with use, but that to be expected.

The walnut grips fit in my hand perfectly, no matter what grip I use. I wouldn’t change a thing about the ergonomics.

All in all, at +/- $40, it’s hard to beat the Condor Bushcraft Basic Knife. I just got mine and am loving it so far. I highly recommend this knife to the beginner or advanced user.