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Condor, Sapien – My First Impressions (Condor vs Mora)

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bushcraft knife review condor tool and knife sapien


The tedious and lengthy wait is over and it was worth it. My Condor Sapien has arrived!

The moment I finalized my order for this knife, my patience digressed to that of a child, checking for shipping conformation, then shipping status, then the long awaited package itself, at every opportunity. I was excited for the Sapiens arrival, to say the least. And for good reason…

The Condor Sapien is awesome. It’s affordable, functional and well made. For those of you who love Morakniv’s Bushcraft Knife design but want a full tang, this is your answer.

As I described in My Expectations of the Condor Sapien, I compared the two knives on paper and showed how the Condor Sapien offers more than the Morakniv Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife.bushcraft knife mora morakniv

bushcraft knife condor tool & Knife SapienThe shape and dimensions are almost identical.

As are their price tags.

The steels used are comparable. Although Morakniv’s UHB-20c is superior to Condor’s 1075, it comes down to the heat treat, which has left both steels with a hardness of 56-58 HRC.

Morakniv’s fit and finish is consistently better than Condor Tool and Knife, but in most cases the difference is insignificant. It’s also worth mentioning that I have noticed a steady increase in Condor’s fit and finish over the years.

bushcraft knife condor tool & Knife SapienThe big difference between these knives is the Sapien’s full tang, as apposed to the partial tang of the Morakniv. This will allow the Sapien to really take a thumpin’. I have had no personal experience with a Mora failing under typical or excessive use, but I try not to abuse my knives and haven’t spent much time with a Mora. I have, however, heard plenty of stories and seen plenty of pictures of broken handled Mora’s, snapping just below the partial tang. The Morakniv’s plastic handle alone, is not strong enough to handle heavy abuse.

I like a knife, or any tool for that matter, to be able to handle more abuse than I anticipate putting it through. A knife shouldn’t be functioning at it’s limit, under normal use. That is the impression I get from the Morakniv Bushcraft Knife. I feel it is not meant for more than day-to-day lite campsite use, at which it excels. I’m not willing to rely on that. What if I need more from my knife? I risk breaking it and being left without a detrimental tool. I prefer something with a full tang. Something tougher that can offer more.

I love Morakniv’s Bushcraft Knife’s shape and design. It is well thought out and has proven itselfcondor tool and knife sapien bushcraft knife very useful and versatile. But, I don’t own one, because I wont spend the money on a knife that I don’t trust enough to rely on. While researching the Condor Basic Bushcraft Knife (2″ model review coming soon), I noticed how similarly shaped the full tanged Sapien is to the Morakniv Bushcraft Knife. I had to have one… And here it is!

Its hardwood handle is great. It is well made and symmetrical (Condor handles often need lite sanding and/or reshaping). Its moderate palm swell and finger grove ensures a positive purchase no matter the grip type. All of the brassbushcraft knife condor tool & Knife Sapien pins are flush with its hardwood scales and its scales are flush with its full tang.

The 1075 steel blade is tempered to 56-58 HRC and powder coated black for corrosion resistance, although I think it more for aesthetics, as the large primary bevel and spine are left uncoated and make up roughly half of the corrodible surface area. Either way, the coating is done well.

The sapien has been given a very nice, even, consistent Scandinavian (Scandi) Grind with a secondary “more than micro” bevel. I haven’t decided what to do with the secondary bevel, but something needs to be done. The second bevel leaves a very large angled cutting edge that is not suited for woodcarving at all. If the steel proves hard and strong enough to support a finer edge, I will probably eliminate it. If not, I will spend some time with the stones and bring it down to an acceptable angle.

bushcraft knife review condor tool and knife sapienThe Sapien’s sheath is great, as always. Although I like the shape of the Condor Basic Bushcraft Knife’s sheath better, the Sapien’s sheath is safe and offers plenty of retention. It is welted and made of the same thick leather and heavy stitching Condor Tool & Knife always spoils us with.


I will post my second thoughts on the Condor Sapien after I have had some time to put it to work.

I can’t say enough about this knife. I love the Condor Sapien and highly recommend that you try one. I know you’ll love it too.

Thanks for reading.