convex edge - bushcraft knife

How To Easily Sharpen A Convex Edge

Sharpening a convex edge can be a real pain in the keister. With a traditional, flat sharpening stone, one must repeatedly and consistently follow the contour of a rounded, convex edge with the flat surface of a stone. Not an easy task.

sharpening a convex edge - bushcraft knife

don’t mind the promo on the mouse pad. It was a freebie from my wife’s office.

I suggest that you use a soft, moldable surface to follow the contour of your convex edge. I use amouse pad, but other things like a piece of wetsuit, etc. will work also. For most, lite sharpening, I use compound applied directly to the cloth side of the mouse pad. For more aggressive stock removal (fixing chips, broken tips, etc.) I use a piece of sandpaper on top of the mouse pad.


With this method getting a great convex edge is only a matter of maintaining a consistent angle245 and pressure. It’s very easy once you get the hang of it.

If you are using oil or water on the sandpaper, be sure to lay the sandpaper on the non-cloth side of your mouse pad so as not to saturate the cloth surface with oil.

I use this method to sharpen all of my convex grinds, like my Fallkniven F1, S1 & A1.