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Like with the F1 and A1, this knife was gifted to me by Fallkniven. A little while back, I reached out to Fallkniven, among other bushcraft knife manufacturers. I was surprised to have found what looks like a list of every employee’s direct email proudly displayed on their website. I sent them an email introducing myself and BushcraftKnifeGuide.com. Less than 24 hours later, I received a response from the founder and owner of Fallkniven, Peter Hjortberger. He informed me that they had visited my site, found it very informative and intend to send me an F1, S1, A1 and DC4 for review and my personal use. Many thanks to Mr. Hjortberger and the people at Fallkniven for the great customer service, contribution to the knife and bushcraft community and for the evidently, great products.

That being said, although I appreciate Fallkniven’s gesture, I have no loyalty to the Fallkniven brand or company and promise to always give my honest and unbiased opinion on this and every product I discuss.IMG_0371

This knife is Goldilocks’ third cup of porrage to the Fallkniven Survival Knife lineup. It’s just right. At 5.1” long and .2” (5mm) wide the, Fallkniven S1 Forest Knife gives more blade than the F1 Pilot Survival Knife, but less than the A1 Army Survival knife, enabling the S1 to take on larger work and remain nimble enough for finer tasks.

According to Mr. Hjortberger’s email;   The S1 is officially used by elite soldiers all over the world and is tested and approved by the US Navy and US Marine Corp and included in the NATO catalog.

I’ve barely put the knife down, but in no way have I put it through its paces yet. These are only my first impressions of the Fallkniven S1 Forest Knife.

Like I said, it’s the right size. The blade is big and robust, but not awkwardly so. The S1 seems to be a scaled down A1. Its blade and handle shape are perfect and the same as the A1, but IMG_0370drastically smaller. The S1’s blade sports the same high quality, corrosion resistant and tough Laminated VG-10 steel (420j/vg10/420j) blade hardened to 59HRC and convex edge as its larger and smaller siblings, the F1 and A1. It is given the same moisture and impact resistant, grippy Thermorun handle, well placed lanyard hole and functional pummel as the others.

The tip of the S1 Forest Knife is almost centered to your grip (the more centered, the better), IMG_0373unlike the F1. Also dissimilar to the F1 is the swedging on the spine of the point of the S1. Although I appreciate the extra added attention to make a capable knife, I do not feel that the S1’s blade is thick enough to need refinement. With a roughly 5” blade, the point is going to take a lot of the beating during batoning, unlike its bigger, also swedged sibling, the A1 (whose larger blade will allow its spine to take the brunt of the punishment). The point of a knife this size should be as strong as possible. I would have liked to have seen the S1’s point ground without swedging. Although, testing might prove the swedging is necessary for agility and control. We shall see.

s1 break testFallkniven is so concerned with the strength of their blades that they have established a blade strength test of which they provide the details and results on their website.

According to Mr. Hjortberger the F1’s convex edge is meant to offer a great combination of edge strength and wood cutting and carving abilities. It is well ground and polished and was shaving sharp out of the box.

The S1’s Sheath is made of Kydex and is moisture Fallkniven S1and impact resistant. It retains the knife well and with the retention strap fastened via a single snap, I wouldn’t be concerned about the S1 falling out.

According to Fallkniven and the S1’s looks, I would classify it as a Survival/Bushcraft Knife as opposed to a traditional Ray Mears or Horace Kephart styled Bushcraft Knife. However, the more I think about, hold and use the S1, the more I think of it as a bushcraft knife.

Like the A1 and F1, the Fallkniven, S1 Forest Knife is beauty in Simplicity. It seemingly provides everything you would want in a bushcraft knife without any excess. The materials and design are top notch. The knife is well proportioned and well balanced. The fit and finish is good and I am very happy with the knife.