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Fisheating Creek is a staple in my arsenal of Florida camping venues. It’s primitive sites and trails in driving distance of  bathrooms and convenience stores make it a great spot to feel like you’ve “gotten away from it all” without the difficulties of being “away from it all”. For this particular trip, the venue was perfect as I was bringing my ol’ buddy of the same name, Eric. He was enthusiastic to adventure, but apprehensive to leave plumbing behind.

We went for a quick 2 nighter, arriving Friday and returning Sunday.

As expected, we had a blast. We hiked, fished, made fire, cooked, sipped a little bourbon and generally enjoyed the nature and company.

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Fallkniven, S1 & F1

For this trip, I brought my Fallkniven S1 and F1. As we slept in tents and wood was delivered to our site for us, the knives didn’t get to come out and play very often. At first, only showing its capabilities by cutting butter and then a banana…   yawn. Eventually, I had the opportunity to split logs for kindling and fashion a pair of oak tongs. The F1 made short work of the tong project and both the F1 and S1 split quartered logs of dry oak into kindling very easily. The wood was hard as a rock and I was not gentle, other than to avoid big knots. The blades on both the S1 and F1 remained undamaged through 4-5 pieces each, until I dropped the F1, tip first into the dirt. That was enough to knick up the first 1/2″ of the point. The damage was minimal and easily sharpened out. Before the F1’s unfortunate plummet, both knives sliced paper with relative ease, considering they were beaten through several pieces of dried oak.

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Fallkniven F1 Pilot Survival Knife

These knives are real workhorses.

Originally, I had expected the S1 to be the star of the trip, but the F1 seemed to do a slightly better job at everything, despite its shorter blade. It carved better, split wood better and was minimally more comfortable to wear on my belt. Because the F1 is shorter and thinner than the S1, I was not surprised that the F1 was lighter, less cumbersome hanging off my hip and carved better than the S1. But, I would not have expected it to split wood better.  I believe the F1 excelled at wood splitting in this particular case, because of its comparatively thin blade and the hardness of the wood. The F1’s blade is thinner than the S1, giving it a smaller cutting edge angle. The wood was so hard that the thinner cutting edge of the F1 allowed it to initially bite into the wood better than the thicker S1, which seemed to almost bounce off of the wood at first. Once started, I didn’t seem to notice a difference, other than the welcomed extra length in the S1’s blade. All in all, the knives performed very well. Better than expected.

Their performance was indicative of their materials and build quality… Excellent.

Despite getting rained on Saturday night and all Sunday morning and not catching a single fish (fish eating creek my @$$), we had a great time.

 I can’t wait for the next trip.

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